Frequently Asked Questions

Poor reception on some channels
  • Station or cable product experiencing problems. Tune to another station.
  • Station signal is weak, reorient antenna to receive stronger station.
  • Check for sources of possible interference.
No or poor color or poor picture
  • Adjust the color in menu option.
  • Keep a sufficient distance between the product and the VCR.
  • Try another channel, the problem may be with the broadcast.
  • Are the VIDEO cables installed properly?
  • Try to restore the brightness of the picture.
Picture appears slowly after switching on
  • This is normal, the image is muted during the product startup process. Please contact
    your service centre if the picture has not appeared after five minutes.
No sound and picture
  • Check whether the main plug has been connected to a wall outlet.
  • Check whether you have pressed the POWER button on the front of the TV set.
  • Check the picture contrast and brightness settings. 
The remote control does not work
  • Check the volume.
  • Sound muted? Press the MUTE button. 
  • Try another channel, the problem may be with the broadcast.
Power is suddenly turned off
  • Is the sleep timer set?
  • Check the power control settings. Power interrupted.
  • No broadcast on station? tune with auto activate.

“CHANGHONG” supports governing laws of many states for proper recycle, reuse and refurbishment of retired electronics and ban of certain types of electronic waste in landfills. To recycle Covered Electronic Devices (CEDs)*, we have partnered with MRM Recyclers (, and implemented a Mail Back program in Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. For more information call 866- 236-8701 x 5.